Property Safety


In this specialist area of property safety, PEMCO can assist property owners or occupiers to manage the risks from Legionella that could affect your employees, your customers and even members of the public.

In the UK, under general health and safety law and the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8, you must consider the risks from Legionella and take suitable precautions. ACoP L8 states that if you are an employer or ‘controller of water systems’ in connection with your work then you need to carry out a Legionella risk assessment. Your risk assessment must be reviewed regularly and particularly if there is any reason to suspect it is no longer valid.

As with all professional services we offer, we believe that independence is vital. We don’t sell other Legionella-related services on the back of our risk assessments such as water treatment, tank chlorination, shower descaling or TMV servicing. All recommendations are based purely on our independent assessment of the Legionella safety risks identified at your property.

Your Legionella risk assessment will come complete with a schematic diagram of your water system, a full water temperature profile, full qualitative risk analysis, and a written scheme of control for your property.

If necessary, we can also undertake water sampling and UKAS accredited laboratory analysis for Legionella bacteria and other pathogens at the same time as the risk assessment.

Our Legionella safety professionals are all highly qualified and regularly keep up to date with advances in water-related risks and technology and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Legionella control and management.