Digital Learning Post Covid-19 Pandemic

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic saw organisations globally moving to home working. Whilst this has had huge impacts on the way we work, it has also impacted on how we learn in the workplace. At a strategic level 94% of L&D professionals had to change their L&D strategy in respect of what they do and how they do it (Fosway, 2020).

Despite digital learning being a well-established solution, the pandemic sparked a rapid acceleration in this area with digital learning becoming the only viable and safe way to ensure continuity. The pandemic has seen the utilisation and investment in digital learning technologies soar (CIPD, 2020).

Over a year on, we ask how has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected digital learning?

The rise of digital learning looks set to continue with 80% of employers surveyed by CIPD stating they planned to increase their digital learning going forward (CIPD, 2021). Interestingly the growth of digital learning is not just one that has come from convenience for organisations, but has been driven by learners themselves. A recent survey by Fosway (2020) reported that 72% of the organisations surveyed had experienced demand for digital learning from their employees. However, the desire to learn in a digital way is not the only shift seen in learners. In the emergence of an ever more digital workplace, Adecco (2020) have reported that learners are showing an increased desire to learn new digital skills.

The pandemic has not only accelerated the growth of digital learning, but it has also expanded the remit of digital learning from compliance-based learning to topics such as wellbeing, mental health and remote working. This is a trend we have also seen here at PEMCO. This has led us to create our own suite of digital content libraries for Wellbeing and Remote Working. Please get in touch to find out more about our new digital learning solutions.

Framed by the growth of technology and more recently accelerated by the global pandemic, digital learning as a learning solution has become a well-established medium in the workplace that looks set to continue to grow. This growth is not just driven by external factors or the needs of the organisation but learners themselves. At PEMCO we pride ourselves on creating human-centric learning solutions built in partnership with you and tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to integrate digital learning into your organisation? Or perhaps you already have digital learning in place and are looking to develop this further. Why not get in touch to chat about your needs! We would love to hear from you.