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We need to bring learning to the people instead of people to the learning.

— Elliot Maise

What we offer

We offer a wide range of fully bespoke wellbeing digital learning solutions.

We don’t believe learning is a one solution fits all kind of scenario. That’s why our expert consultants work with you to develop content to suit your needs. We always work in a learner-centric way, meaning all our learning materials can be personalised and adapted to suit.

Example topics include:

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A Comprehensive overview of wellbeing and lifestyle choices. Including Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Rest & Relaxation and Relationships.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle

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Including Signs & Symptoms, Causes of Stress, Stress in the Workplace and Stress Management Strategies.

Stress Management

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Including Signs & Symptoms, Common Mental Health Conditions, Suicide Awareness, Mental Health at Work and Supporting your own Mental Health.

Mental Health Awareness

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Including Resilience at Work, Support Systems, Character Strengths, Growth Mindset, Optimism, Positive Coping and Resilience Strategies.


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Including Working Environment, Workstation Set Up (Display Screen Equipment), Boundaries & Routine, Digital Wellbeing, Isolation and Work/Life Balance.

Home Working

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Including Introduction to Positive Psychology, Why Happiness Matters, Factors that Determine Happiness, The PERMA Model and Positive Mental Health Toolkit

Building Positive Mental Health

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Including Social Connections, Communications, Forming New Teams, Equality in Hybrid Working Teams, Supporting Teams and Digital Body Language.

Managing Virtual Teams

— Benefits

  • Learning solutions adapted and customised to meet yours and your learners needs
  • A cost-effective way to deliver learning to your employees
  • Knowledgeable subject matter experts
  • Expert team includes learning and organisational psychology expert

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