Property Safety

DSE & Ergonomics.

Are you sitting comfortably? For most of us, using a computer at work is an everyday occurrence, and we probably don’t give much thought to the long-term effects that computers and their workstations can have on our health.

If you are a regular user of display screen equipment (DSE) at work, including PC, laptops, CCTV monitors, or any other type of display screen equipment, then the Display Screen Equipment Regulations apply to you.

We can help with a preliminary audit of your workplace, assessing display screen equipment use. The next step is to calculate the risks present and put in place suitable controls to limit the potential harm caused by DSE work.

We can also help with writing DSE policies and procedures and delivering employee training and workstation risk assessment. In most cases, training can be undertaken online via eLearning, and following the training, the DSE user should then be competent to assess their own DSE workstation, including their desk, chair, lighting, space, ventilation, and general workstation comfort.

We have consultants that are qualified and highly experienced in undertaking both general and advanced ergonomic assessment of DSE workstations, along with the ability to undertake whole workstation assessments for users with medical conditions including the prescribing of ErgoChair compliant seating and other ergonomic aids and adaptations.