Our Values.

As our business has continued to grow, we have identified values and behaviours which are integral to the way we operate. We live and breathe our values, and believe they represent our unique approach.

We deliver our values in everything we do

We like to think that they can be used as a benchmark and trademark of PEMCO, so you know that whatever your project with us, you can be assured that each and every one of us value and engender these.

— Restlessly reinventive

A trait we have learned from our founder Keith West, and a point of difference to note when you compare us with our industry peers.

— Pioneering thinking

When we approach a brief, we are disciplined in such a way that will see us explore solutions for the best outcome.

— Inclusive

We mean this by the way in which we treat both our clients but also our employees. Being inclusive is a choice we made some time ago. We have a talented team of experts and while some of them can devote themselves entirely to what we do here, others have equally as important roles they must balance such as motherhood and fatherhood.

No matter the circumstance of a team member, we understand the work life balance we’re all trying to achieve, and it is because of this approach that we are able to bring an exquisite fusion of skills and expertise to our clients.

— Integrity

We approach everything that we do with integrity. It is one of our favourite values, for everything it stands for. We will not present any work we are not entirely committed to, which allows us to deliver quality results on every occasion.

— Responsible service

We have a responsibility to look after our clients’ needs to the best of our ability. So whether it’s returning a client’s call or delivering your project on time, we are reliable and take our responsibility in improving your business seriously.

— Invested

We’re lucky to have grown a very loyal client base over the last ten years, one which returns time again and whilst they show their commitment to us as a provider, we too invest all of our resources into their business in kind.

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