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Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders - in that order.

— Simon Sinek

Poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year. This equates to a cost per employee of between £1,205 and £1,560 per year. (This cost is for all employees, not just those who are ill).

— Source: Thriving at Work Report, 2017.

This cost is made up of three areas:

Presenteeism, absenteeism and employees turnover. Of these, presenteeism is the largest cost - this is when individuals are less productive in work due to poor mental health. Being in the workplace could also make their condition worse.

Investing in workplace wellbeing is not only a duty of care; it also allows your organisation and your people to thrive.

What we offer

Our Workplace Wellbeing team cover a wide range of consultancy services which can be fully adapted to meet your organisational needs.

We offer a science led and business minded approach - nothing airy fairy – only evidence based best practice.

Example services include:

  • Wellbeing strategy and policies
  • Wellbeing initiatives
  • Learning needs assessments
  • Wellbeing benchmarking tools
  • Monitoring of employee mental health (survey design and implementation)

"More than one in five (21%) agreed that they had called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress had affected them."

— Source: Mind


  • Staff with higher levels of wellbeing are more engaged, more productive, and less likely to burn out.
  • Reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Those with higher levels of wellbeing are found to be 45% more satisfied in their jobs, leading to a reduction in employees turnover.
  • Improving employee mental health and wellbeing can have a significant return on investment. One recent study found that investing in mental health training led to a substantial reduction in absenteeism that equated to £9.98 for every pound spent.

    A further systematic review by Deloitte looked at a large range of studies and found an overwhelmingly positive result from workplace mental health interventions. The average return per £1 was £4.20! (Source: Thriving at Work, 2017).

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