Property Safety

Competent Advisor.

In the UK, safety legislation places a general duty on all companies and organisations to have a competent advisor appointed.

This will mean either appointing an in-house competent advisor or engaging an external consultant to provide this service for you.

PEMCO can provide this service for you in the form of a Retained Competent Advisor Package, providing a highly flexible range of safety-related support services including (but not limited to) writing policies and procedures, undertaking risk assessments, attending meetings, delivering employee training, auditing, and liaison with enforcement authorities of your behalf.

Our packages are highly flexible and adaptable, as we understand that not all requirements are the same and that one size does not fit all business needs. Packages can be agreed from as little as half a day per month to several days per month based on your specific needs. Our assistance can be provided on site or be desk-based working from our office. You simply agree a number of hours up-front and then draw down those hours to spend on what your business needs at the time. The package is invoiced monthly and any unspent hours are rolled over to the following month. Many clients like to bank unspent hours over several months and then use them to draw down assistance with a one-off big project later.

The other major benefit from working in this way, is that by working with our clients over an extended period of time, we get to understand your business, your business aspirations, your processes, your employees, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your customer’s needs in great depth – just as we would if we were an in-house resource.

For us, working this way with our clients is just like a being part of a close family, where long-term relationships built on trust and dependability are vital.