Project Spotlight:
Cross Keys Homes – Communities Team Learning

Social Housing REgulation Bill

We are delighted to announce the launch of Cross Keys Homes new Communities Team Learning designed and developed in partnership with PEMCO.

Social Housing REgulation Bill

What did the client need?

Following the implementation of a new Residents Involvement Strategy the CKH Communities team identified a need to raise overall awareness within the organisation of both resident’s engagement and their referral process. Engagement with Line Managers highlighted a desire for this information to be provided as digital learning.

How did we work together?

First, we listened to the key stakeholders so that we could learn more about the opportunity they had identified and their vision for the learning. It was clear from the offset that there was a need for two different types of learning both with different purposes.

Following our recommendations, our colleagues at CKH agreed to divide the learning into two pieces of learning. The first being the Communities Team Learning which can be seen below and Residents Referral process which is currently being developed!

Social Housing REgulation Bill

What did we deliver?

We worked closely with the Communities team to create a suite of bitesize modules. The modules were designed to raise learners’ awareness of who the team are, what they do as well as providing tangible resources on how to contact them and find out more information.

What they said.

"Working with PEMCO to develop our course for internal staff has been such a good experience! Options provided, really understanding what we wanted to achieve, introducing options and helping us think clearly to identify the outcomes we wanted – many thanks PEMCO"

Kate Newbolt Service Manager, Customer, Community and Stakeholder Engagement

"We had the pleasure of working with PEMCO to develop a concept into reality – we knew what we wanted to achieve but didn’t know how we would get there. With their challenge and expertise we have jointly developed something that really captures and brings to life what we do in the communities team and it will promote our work to our employees; with the aim of increasing knowledge, leading to referrals, which results in making a positive difference to the lives of our residents and communities. "

Karen Chambers Resident Involvement Manager