Social Housing Regulation Bill

Social Housing REgulation Bill

The Social Housing (Regulation) Bill was introduced this month and is the latest step in improving safety within the social housing sector following the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire.

This is a big shake-up for the social housing sector and will give the Regulator of Social Housing stronger powers, including:

  • Conducting ‘Ofsted-style’ inspections
  • The power to issue unlimited fines
  • Ability to enter properties with 48hr notice (down from 28 days)
  • Make emergency repairs (at the landlord’s expense)

The Bill will also see the creation of a new 250-person strong residents panel which will meet every 4 months and give tenants the opportunity to share opinions and help inform future policy direction. In addition, tenants will have the power to demand information and rate their landlords as part of the new satisfaction measures.

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove said:

"In 2022 it is disgraceful that anyone should live in damp, cold and unsafe homes, waiting months for repairs and being routinely ignored by their landlord. These new laws will end this injustice and ensure the regulator has strong new powers to take on rogue social landlords."

"We are driving up the standards of social housing and giving residents a voice to make sure they get the homes they deserve. That is levelling up in action."

The Bill will also mean landlords will need to have a named person responsible for health and safety requirements. PEMCO are specialists in the social housing sector and already fulfil this need for several large social housing landlords. If we can support your organisation with your health, safety and wellbeing needs then please get in touch for more information. We’d love to help!