We thrive when our people thrive!

At PEMCO LLP, taking care of our team's mental health and wellbeing is a top priority. We strongly believe that when our people are thriving, we all thrive as a team! That's why we have implemented various initiatives to support our team's mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

These are some of our wellbeing initiatives:

  • Health needs assessment to check employee wellbeing and allow our team the opportunity to inform our approach.
  • Informed wellbeing strategy and action plan.
  • Quality checking our approach – we’re the first organisation to successfully complete the North Yorkshire Workplace Wellbeing Award. Learn More.
  • Campaigns focusing on sleep, stress, healthy eating, supplements, and physical activity.
  • Monthly team lunches and regular socials so we can all get together.
  • Virtual walking challenges to keep us active.

    "We've walked to Everest (virtually)!! In one year and 5 days, the team managed an incredible 14,832,572 steps! What a phenomenal team effort!"

  • Supporting awareness events, charity work and giving back to our local community. Learn More.
  • Bike to work scheme and health cash plan
  • Giving employees time off between Christmas and New Year to ensure we all have a nice break.
  • Creation of outdoor and indoor spaces to allow our employees space for breaks.

    "The new outdoor space has been a great addition and provided encouragement to take a break from my desk and sit outside"

  • Flexible working policy to allow our team to achieve a healthy balance between personal and professional life
  • Investing in continued development for our team, because when they thrive, we thrive too!

    "We believe we thrive when our people thrive!"